Today in this world of technology, you need to be very strategic as channels and inventories are in a state of expanding. Whether you have a small business or a big multinational company, you need to invest your budget at the right place with effective strategies for a healthy ROI.

Cost per call campaign with Soltex Media

What is a cost per call Campaign?

Cost per call is an advertising model in which the advertiser pays to publishers for the quality calls they drive to the advertiser. It is like online pay per click advertising (PPC), yet initiates the visitor to influence a phone call instead of viewing an external website.
In a world where most of the consumers are using smartphones, cost per call campaign can empower marketers to drive more customers, more revenue, and an increased ROI.


Advertisers are the entities who pay for showing advertisements in the mass media to promote or sell products/services. Tech support advertisers use phone numbers as the primary call-to-action in the ads.

With Soltex Media’s cost per call platform, advertisers can easily distribute their ads and get more calls to drive business. Advertisers will easily monitor the visibility of their ads and take control of them as well.

Creating pay per call campaigns

At Soltex Media, you can easily select the right campaign for your brand. After you have been endorsed for the campaign, you can gather all of the inventories you need to promote the offer.

Tracking calls to marketing campaigns and publishers

With Soltex Media you can choose the first option to track calls from call extensions or call-only ads. You need to pick a relevant name to easily refer back to it in your search reports.
Managing commissions and monitor costs
The innovative process of Soltex Media simplifies clients’ commission management workflow, allowing an easy way to:

Performance Marketing Agencies

For performance marketing agencies Soltex Media provides the best cost per call platform to increase inbound call traffic for their clients without losing attribution. Soltex Media provides all the tools that are needed to conduct effective cost per call campaign. For more than a decade Soltex Media have been working continuously to provide quality performance marketing to its clients. With its tech support campaigns, cost per call campaigns and other campaigns across various platforms, soltex Media help you get more revenue from your business.

Call Networks

Soltex Media coordinates with the leading digital tracking and affiliate tracking programming to make sure that call networks without much of a stretch include cost per call affiliate marketing to their blend.


Cost per call campaign with soltex media gives publishers the ability to drive more call traffic in the same way they get traffic on their websites. Publishers utilize various channels, for example, print and radio and additionally advanced channels, like paid hunt, show, and email. As call traffic tend to refer valuable, high converting clients, publishers often get higher commissions and conversion rates for call traffic. With the vast tech support Network of Publishers, Soltex Media offer Technical Support Calls direct to clients from single source pay per call campaign. For quality users with high brand engagement activities and buying intents, it provides you top performing and niche focused publishers to reach them.


There is a cut-throat competition going on around the globe today. When it comes to creating a successful pay per call strategy, strategies and quality inventories play a vital role there. Everything depends on you at the end because it’s you, who have to choose the right objectives for your cost per call campaigns.