Before Coming to a media buying agency, you know the whole thing is all about business and everything is sustainable due to business whether it’s spaceships, airplanes, trains, movies, your pizza and all the bond gadgets that you use. So without business, you can’t think even to live on this planet for a moment if though breathing is a different kind of business. When you start a business you dream to make it bigger and to take it to a level where it will do its business on its own. But business means to reach out to masses or audiences as that’s the source of your money. So how can you reach out to your targeted audiences? How can you be able to sell your products? Who will help you to market your brand name?

Well, you need not be worried as presently there are many media buying companies are there to help your brand to reach the goal by efficient media strategies. Here in this article, we will be discussing Soltex Media, one of the leading media buying agencies in India. Soltex Media helps your business to reach its goal through some smart ways which we will see below shortly.

1. Media Strategy

Soltex Media being one of the leading media buying agencies across the nation focuses on some basic media strategies to make your business to reach its ultimate goal.

a) By Identifying Your Target Market

Soltex Media takes the demographics of your target audience into consideration.  The more you know about your target market the more effective your overall marketing strategy will be. Soltex media let you identify your market and how the audience can most effectively be reached. For example, marketing through mobile apps and social media would be more effective for reaching the teenage demographic than print and traditional media would be.

b) By giving Importance to Measurable Objectives

Soltex Media always considers marketing objectives and goals as the most important part of media strategy.  Soltex Media with measurable and specific objectives introduces a time aspect that creates a sense of the ability to measure and draft a workable timeline.

C) By Determining Your Marketing Budget

In your media strategy, your marketing budget is important. Soltex Media with a group of experts encourages you to think each tactic through and be more creative in your problem-solving and protects you from overspending or spending money that you do not have.

D) By Learning from Your Results

They are called most effective media strategies those that can evolve over time. Any media buying company can learn from where it went wrong and improve the results if it launches one strategy that doesn’t have the expected results. This is why Soltex Media measures results; they provide valuable data that can be implemented into future media strategies to improve them.

2. Media Planning

Media planning is generally outsourced to a media agency and entails sourcing and selecting optimal media platforms for a client’s brand or product to use. To achieve the marketing campaign objectives media planning plays the most vital role.

a) Market analysis

Soltex Media Performs many market analysis to determine who your audience is. The audience is the number and type of people your advertising targets. The audience can be classified according to age, sex, income, occupation, etc. Performing this analysis will help you to project costs and determine the right media for your campaign.

b) Establishing the right media objective

The media objective is the goal of the media plan. To establish this objective, Soltex Media determines your goal for reach, frequency, circulation, cost, and penetration.  It is important to understand the cost as you are budgeting. Soltex Media will tell you which form of media is the best option for your business. Penetration is the number of audience members reached by the advertising. Soltex Media determines if it wants to take over a market or just reach a certain group prior to setting the penetration goals and strategies.

3. Media Research

Media research simply means to study the effects of the different mass media on social, psychological and physical aspects. Research survey that segments the people based on what television programs they watch radio they listen and magazines they read. Soltex Media focuses on media research by utilizing latest innovations such as customers eye tracking, Omni screening and much more. The research allows you to make your media strategy better in order to reach to more audience and set a campaign that will be successful. Soltex Media being one of the leading Media buying agencies across the nation offers you the real time reading of the mind of your audience by its advanced media research. The opportunities to consume media are continuously growing; So Soltex Media has to think differently; simply adding another raft of questions to a survey is an obsolete approach.

4. Media Buying

On the off chance that you need your business to reach your target audience without spending much, you can go for Digital Media buying. Soltex Media allows you to Purchase spaces in different media forums that are less tedious, efficient and by it, more information can be advertised and transported to those zones where present day hardware have not come to yet. Soltex Media’s main persuading point to any client or advertiser is that online display ads allow businesses to position & place ads on sites with content highly relevant to their products and services with an additional advantage of making it more interactive & engaging. Therefore, Soltex Media consult you on how to make it so.


5. Campaign Analysis

a) Campaign Identification

Campaign identification methodology can range from very simple to extremely complex depending on the specific needs of the business. Soltex Media efficiently attribute specific results to a specific campaign through identifying each campaign by a parameter. This allows tracking of certain variables such as visits, page views, conversion, etc, at a campaign level. The query string includes the variables to be tracked; it is appended to the end of the URL, separated by a question mark.

b) Tool Configuration and Customization

If leveraged successfully web analytics tools serve as a critical part of the campaign analysis and optimization process, however, they need be configured appropriately to collect the necessary data. For instance, Soltex Media configures the analytics tool’s reports with drill down capabilities to truly understand campaigns by digging deeper to discover the effectiveness of different efforts within one type of campaign. Soltex Media also configures custom reports to answer specific questions that are not answered by the analytics tool’s standard reporting features. Soltex Media with the improvement of modified dashboards for particular crusades empowers you to proficiently break down the specific key execution markers that assistance assesses the achievement of that particular Campaign.

c) Data Integration

Data integration is a process that, but often enhances the ability to conduct campaign analysis. Soltex Media with the improvement of modified dashboards for particular crusades empowers you to proficiently break down the specific key execution markers that assistance assesses the achievement of that particular battle. Soltex Media integrates online campaign data with the offline data to truly be able to understand the value that the online campaign produced.


6. Media Sales

Media sales are a term that covers a whole host of jobs in loads of different places. It includes advertising in magazines and newspapers, on websites, TV, and radio, selling sponsorship for conferences and events, selling advertising space on billboards and poster sites, and selling subscriptions. Soltex Media rings clients to pitch solutions on what would best suit them. It’s all about finding a need to help with their business; finding the right campaign and putting them in front of the right audience can change their whole business.